Assessment wanted for Loops 2 skill test B

Here are the links: Codepen, Mdn.
Thank you for your help !

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I am amazed by how you have gone above and beyond the brief of the requirement. When I did it I built a basic function to run on the console but you have built a text input box and button all with javascript and connected it up with event listeners. Great work and I am learning from your excellent code. :sunglasses:

Thank you ! So you actually learned JavaScript on MDN?
And by the way, I got stuck in the last one. I don’t understand the loop. Assessment wanted for Loops 3 skill test C

I have been learning JS via a few mediums but I think MDN might be the best. Actually I think its better than some or all paid sources. I think I found an answer for your Loops3 question.

How is JS knowledge relevant in being a webmaster compared to knowledge in Wordpress or PHP?
What do you need to earn money with computer programming knowledge if you don’t have a degree in it?
I’ m actually learning administrative science at a university and webmaster as a hobby ( I’ve always been amazed by how many completely different things a website which is an application running inside an application can do).

I m not a developer yet. I am learning the skills right now because I want to build some ideas of my own. Also I can apply it to my work while I become a proper front end Dev at some point.

I have used wordpress but not really that much. Never used PHP. So I cant help you with that. Maybe check out some youtube sites to see if there are any devs who can guide you on it.

I would recommend you continue in your path for front end and programming. It will help you out in whatever career your choose. I do some Microsoft Access and Excel programming and come up with some nifty solutions that keep me in employment. Not many people are into programming as it takes time and effort to develop it. If you enjoy it it will be for your benefit.

What are you learning right now?
I see so many very good WordPress website that sometimes I ask myself if in the future a good amount of website programming software won’t make programming website feels like using windows command prompt to search and open a file instead of using file explorer.

I’m trying to be on the right track, the track that will help earn more money for less work (just like everyone else).

I see WordPress developer being a huge thing now.

It seems like building a website using languages like pure html, css, JS, PHP, SQL is way more fastidious and needs way more time and brainpower than using something like WordPress for not much more result.

I am back to looking at HTML right now. The MDN course is superb is explaining it. I was working on Async JS but I realised that I needed to improve my grounding a bit more on HTML and CSS. Its a back and forth kind of thing.

I cant comment on Wordpress. I am more interested in coding and programiing and like JS alot. Money is not my primary motivation. I would like to change career. My advice to you in do something that give you ikigai. This way you will be able to find real purpose in life. For me coding is something that can give this.

So it is possible to have a big website in this modern day and age that is 100% hand coded. I thought almost everyone use some kind of third party to build their website. I know the ikagai and computer programming for me fits it well except for the second part.

I like programming but never like or understand math very well. I mean, I understand basic math pretty well but when I get into things like trigonometry and logarithm and sometimes linear algebra, my head overheats quickly from the high level of abstraction.

I like programming because when I think about learning a programming language, I see it like learning a new language like Spanish or English which is also something that I like.

PS: English is not my first language so I may not always get my sentences 100% correct.

I dont know if you can have a big website that is hand coded. However what we are doing is learning the foundational skills and knowledge to grasp more advanced concepts. I wouldnt skip out on that. I would recommend you listen this this podcase by JS Party

Roadmaps to becoming a web developer in 2021

" Kamran Ahmed, creator of Developer Roadmaps, joins Jerod to talk through his 2021 roadmaps to becoming a web developer.

We cover why Kamran created these resources, who they’re for, how to interpret them, and then take a stroll down the paths to becoming a frontend and backend developer.

Which path are you on in 2021?"

My math isnt that great either but we both have brains so take your time to fill in these holes as we go along. What is important is that we learn well so we can really understand and demonstrate via our work. I am not a native english speaker but I think you write very well.

Thank you for the guidance !