Assessment wanted for Marking up a letter - cararith

I would like to assessment for Marking up a letter task.
HTML+CSS code on jsFiddle:
The most important thing for me is to check if the quotation is used well,
Thank you :slight_smile: Have a nice day!

Hello @Cararith

you doing great well done just a little notice here

  1. from semantic point of view use strong instead of b

  2. no need to use tag p inside the address you just give that address element the class that you give for the p element

  3. for the time element for the first address it should be not be part of the address element so after close the first address element then create p element with the class attribute and put the time element inside it in future lesson you will learn about display so you can use only time without wrapped by p and still achieve the same thing

  4. after this p element you start the new address element for the second address

  5. i notice you added some effect here <u>Awesome Science Faculty</u> nice touch but notice in future or styling will be made in css part but nice that you start to play around with stuff

Edit : sorry i forgot it would be better in future post to post link to the task or topic you asking about so it be easier for everyone to find it

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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