Assessment wanted for Math 1 skill test

Hi Geeks,

I’m trying learn and improve my maths, javaScript skill. And currently I’m strucked at the following Skill Test.

Math 1 Skill Test

My CodePen


Hello, remember that your finalResult should be 48. Try doing each of the calculations individually and see what number your getting.

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Hi there @akashjoffl!

So, a few things here:

  1. You need to include the HTML from the started file in the codepen HTML pane, otherwise there will be nothing for the our JavaScript to print the results out into.
  2. You need to put your code below our provided lines:
let finalResult;

let evenOddResult;

Otherwise it may not work.

  1. In addition to the previous point, you have already got finalResult and evenOddCheck declared in your code, so you don’t need to include let again (in fact, it will throw an error). Instead, you need to do this:
finalResult = sum * sub;

evenOddCheck = finalResult / 2;
  1. To do the even odd check, you need to use the modulo (%) operator. See if you can work out how to use this to check whether a number is even.
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Thanks @chrisdavidmills