Assessment wanted for "More colors" active learning exercise

I was doing the “Active learning: more colors” exercise on the Conditionals page and ran into a strange problem. I entered in the conditional code the instructions asked me to but my code didn’t work. I then looked at the solution and I didn’t see much of a difference between that and the code I put in. Can anyone tell me what’s wrong?

My code:
NOTE: When looking at my code, please ignore the Cannot read properties of null error if you see it.

Hi @gijutaku23

JavaScript is case-sensitive and your values in the case statements start with a capital letter. In the task description under point 2 you see that the values need to be lowercase. Note that the value of a select option doesn’t necessarily need to be the same as the displayed text in the dropdown.
You can see this in the underlying code. For example <option value="white">White</option>.

Does that make it clearer?

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Okay I’ve got it now. Thank you

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