Assessment wanted for Mozilla splash page using Glitch

Hi all! :vulcan_salute:

If anyone can take a look at my exercise and give me feedback it would be great! :smile:

These are my links:

Thanks in advance and have a nice day! :sun_with_face: :four_leaf_clover: :muscle: :coffee:

Hi @Gabriel_ML :wave:

Congratulations! Very well done! :clap:

Just two small remarks:

  • The logo in the header is missing the alt attribute. It wasn’t explicitly ask for, but it’s important to always include it when using an image on the web.
  • The panda portrait is 544px wide instead of 600px, but as you set the media attribute accordingly we will let this one slip :smile:

Everything else is perfect :medal_sports:

Keep up the good work and have a nice day!

Hi @mikoMK :wave:

Thanks++ for checking and answering my assessment, for your positive energy and for your two [small] remarks. :flashlight:

Appreciate it, this is all a great help on the thousand mile road! :walking_man: :walking_man: :walking_man:

Have a nice week and stay safe! :smile: :four_leaf_clover: :muscle:

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Thank you for your kind words. :blush:
It’s really nice to hear that it was helpful for you.