Mozilla splash Assessment help

Hi, I am new here.
And I am learning; so pre-appologies for any assumptions or dumb questions that may follow.

For starters, I know I have a few issues with my code but I am unsure how to best address them.

  1. The first small firefox logo is not displaying correctly. When I uploaded the 120px version, the notes call for, it looked way to small and distorted. So I swapped the 400px version in… which looks better but still off. That was not the correct way to solve that issue but what is?

2, Responsive images, I was unsure how to test those in the glitch page so I have not done so for myself but I have a feeling I may have set the code up correctly.

Links below for review.

Thank you for the feedback,

Hello @iLikeTacos

sorry for late replay and welcome to MDN world

  1. the issue in the image file it self when you resize the image make sure the output is centered as both the first and second image from left are in the upper left corner

  2. to make sure that the responsive part of the code work do the following in firefox
    A) resize the window then right click on one of the image then save it and see if it the right image or not
    b) resize the window again and repeat step A if both are the same file then the responsive part does not work

hope that help and have a nice day