Assessment wanted --> for Responsive Web Design assessment

Hello there!

I would like to have an assesment for the following source code and task please!

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Hello @ilkert

you doing great but lett me ask @mikoMK if he notice that this task changed cause i remember the task was as make different result for small screen there was 3 line under each li in the nav item in smaller screen size
which would make you use media queries
am i right or i am missing something here ?

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

I think I haven’t assessed this task yet, @justsomeone. So I can’t tell from experience. The source code of the page and the downloadable HTML file haven’t changed since they moved to GitHub one year ago. :man_shrugging:

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Hello @mikoMK

that weird cause if you check this post you could see that they solve it with the other requirement that i mentioned

let me ask @jwhitlock

the task here changed with out any change in the date of the page and it also changed in away that would not force or make the student use the media queries option is there some issue or am i miss something

and have a nice day all of you :slight_smile:

let me ask @jwhitlock

Sorry, I don’t pay much attention to MDN tests or assessments, I don’t know if anything changed.

thanks for your time @jwhitlock

but who is in charge to ask him/her if there some change that could lead to something like current situation

The 1000 contributors to mdn/content are in charge of the content of MDN, including any changes to skills tests.

If you look at the task page, there are links at the bottom. Source on GitHub takes you to the source for the page:

You can see the history of the page, who edited it last and any comments in the PR, and even see when each line of code was written.

See for more information on how content in MDN is managed today.

Maybe the source of your confusion is that @ilkert solved the task without using media queries as stated in their CSS:

NOTE: The exercise is completed in order
not to use any media queries and to use 
CSS feautres only!

They made some clever usage of repeat, auto-fit, auto-fill and minmax() to achieve a fluid layout fitting small and large screens.


@jwhitlock @mikoMK
in the old version the task required that for small screen that link1 link2 and link2 get border-bottom for each one

and for big screen it act same as the image provided in the task link (no border bottom)
which would force the user use the screen media (not sure if there other way to solve it without media queries)

for the other post link i shared if you resize the screen you would see that

the thing confuse me that the history does not even show any change since jan while the post i shared is at jul

so not sure what happened

sorry for wasting your time but since there no way to find what happened so i surrender :slight_smile:

and have a nice day all of you :slight_smile:


What do you think of the work done? :slight_smile:

Well as MDN recommends it, I deliberately tried NOT TO use media_queries because I believe it reduces the overall flexibility since it forces you to use constant values for screen size.

sorry for late replay @ilkert

you doing great but if you reduced the size of the window i think you should get a single column even for the nav item so each li item should be above each other and below the header (which would lead to horizontal scroll which is not good ) but that not working in your case

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile: