Assessment wanted for Selectors skill test 1 exercise

Hello, I completed CSS selectors task:

Task 1:
Task 2:
Task 3:
Task 4:
Task 5:


Please review these, I’d like some feedback :nerd_face: Thanks

Hey BB8,

Thats not bad for a first attempt my little droid friend.
I would make a few suggestions:
Selector Three:

.container > :first-child { font-size: 150%; }
Font sizes, expressed as %'s are a really bad idea to do. Its best if you look up responsive typography and have a little play about with the CSS dimension measurements.
I tend to have this simple rule when it comes to CSS sizes: Use rem for padding and element sizing, em for Fonts Size, vh & vwand % for dimensions. for that is the way of the force. Only the Sith deal in Absolutes (px, cm, in etc) for they are they ways to destroy the repsonsiveness of a site.
Selector Four:
I woud look at the way you are using CSS Selectors and get more practice with them (dont worry you will get it but do spend time on this)
Your list items border run the entire length of the screen, this is just bad UX so minus a couple of points.
if you apply width:fit-contentto the list items it works better.
Selector Five:
It must be all those phaser blasts, but you kinda missed the pass mark on this one BB8.
This time good use of the [attr] selector but the HTML markup can be better

Otherwise, good work BB8, keep it up…Ill be interested in seeing your adjustments.

If you want help and support you can find me and others on our Discord Server you are more than welcome to come and join

@drgaud1 thanks for the review and comments/advice. i’ll sure consider those