Assessment wanted for Structuring planet data - VV

Hi There!

Looking for an assessment for structuring planet data via HTML.

Live Site:


I resorted to using “scope rows and cols” instead of “id” and “header”. Is this a big deal? I feel for time sake, using “scope” is efficient but perhaps using “id” and “header” could be more meaningful for the impaired.


Congratulations, @Vladlen_Vronsky! :medal_sports:

Amazing work with this complex table.

I think it’s a much easier way to use scope. The outcome is probably the same for assistive technologies. Both concepts connect the <td>s to their corresponding <th>s

Here are some small points to consider:

  • The slash at the end of a self-closing tag like <meta> isn’t needed anymore.
  • When using <colgroup> all columns need to be listed. There should be a third entry: <col span="9">.
  • All the *span and scope attributes are correct except for “Dwarf planets*”. Since it’s a single row it should be scope="row".

As you see just some minor things. :slightly_smiling_face:

See you,

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Thanks @mikoMK! Great to see you here as always. Thanks for the teachings! Will review and correct.

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