Assessment wanted for Structuring planet data evaluation

Table evaluation:



Hi @Sarai_Atoche_Pascual

I recommend pasting your code into This will show you problems with your HTML. Try to solve them. The explanations are sometimes a bit tricky to understand. Problems 3 to 12 can be solved together. They have to do with the content of <colgroup>.

Besides those problems. Here are some more comments:

  • I would use <td> for the top left empty cell. It’s not a header.
  • Using scope on <th> and headers on <td> isn’t necessary. They are different methods for the same goal. I recommend using just scope since there’s much less to write.
  • “Dwarf planets” is missing the scope attribute.
  • All other scope attributes are correct. :+1:

If you need more help, just ask.


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Hello Miguel, yes I am starting to use the site and the truth is that it helps me a lot to see the errors, thanks for the contribution and the recommendation.

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