Assessment wanted for Test your skills: basic controls

Hi :wave: Could I have an assessment of my work on Test your skills: basic controls?

Thank you in advance! :blush:

My work:
Task 1

Task 2

Task 3

Test page

Hi @Risa !

I have nothing to tell you about your work.
It’s a perfect job, everything works

Congrats ! :tada:

The only thing I can say but it’s a small detail :
In the 3rd task, in the “accept” attribute, you set “image/jpg, image/png” and this is not a preset for the “jpeg” file or any other image file like webP for example.

I don’t know every single image format, this is why you can set this : “image/*” to accept every image format :slight_smile:
For further explanations

I also recommend this one
As it warns you that the html attribute does not allow to secure 100% the data

However, great job :clap:


Hi to both of you!

@Gturpin Thanks for having a look. Really appreciated!

The valid mimetype for JPG would be image/jpeg, but in the end that’s just a guidance for the browser. Therefore this is a great general remark:

We should always consider all data from users as insecure when working with them on the server. Somebody could just construct their own HTTP message an send it to our server and therefore circumventing any security measure we take on the client.



Hi @Gturpin and @mikoMK,

Thank you so much for your feedbacks! :blush:

Now I understand that I have to be careful when specifying certain format with accept attribute, so that I don’t unintentionally reject some file types.

Also the link about potential harm of uploaded files was very helpful!

Thank you and have a good day! :slightly_smiling_face: