Automate adds-on publication using CICD


I’ve developed a firefox extension and have to upload it to AMO manually. My team is trying to use circleci to make it automate.

Wondering if there’s any way we can do to pulish the package to AMO using API or other tools?


If they ever fix selfhosted addon signing, you can use web-ext sign like this: web-ext sign --channel unlisted --config-discovery false --api-key $(WEB_EXT_API_KEY) --api-secret $(WEB_EXT_API_SECRET) --timeout 900000. For me it’s just a make target I run locally at release time, you’ll need to make something like that happen in your circleCI config. Be careful about handling the secrets but it’s pretty easy.

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Thank so much, idk. So the command is building a local signed package and have to publish that store manually, no way to publish to public via API or tools automatically, correct me if I understand incorrectly.

The command sends the xpi to AMO for (unlisted) signing and then downloads it again if it gets signed fast enough. However, there are no APIs for things like source code upload (or saying there is no source code upload needed) or changelogs etc. which are required to make a listed update.

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