Submit source code with `web-ext sign`?

I’m looking into automating my extension submissons. I’m also looking into having two additional, self-distributed versions (testing, where I give a possibly broken version for people to test ahead of proper release; and nightly, which is going to trigger once a day, every day I actually did a commit because some people apparently want that).

I am using vue for parts of my extensions, though, which means that webpack is involved, which means that I have to submit the source code (+instructions) …

So, is there a way to do that with web-ext sign?

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Not currently, no. Though I believe there are issues open against AMO to allow submission of source code via API.

Damn, that’s a shame.

I wonder how rules-legal is to include a readme with “here’s my github and here’s the commit” as a way of sorta-fullfilling the requirement of providing non-obfuscated code (even for self-distribution).

@tamius_han do report back here if you figure out how to do this! I’m trying to do something similar.

That reminds me, I think I’ve seen someone that’s automated this with selenium, which is of course prone to breakage whenever AMO changes. Plus you have to auth with a Firefox account, which is rather cumbersome and probably not something you’d want a pipeline to do directly.