Autoupdate for created firefox extension?!

(Gabriel Catalin Truta) #1


I have created an firefox extension which is hosted in AMO and I will make some updates of the extension. What I need to do for this extension, to get an autoupdate. If someone is using my extension, I want that the people to get autoupdate to newer version. It is something which I shoul write into the manifest.json ?

Thank you!


(Martin Giger) #2

You just increase the version number and submit the new version to AMO.


(Gabriel Catalin Truta) #3

I am doing this already, but I think that the update it is not getting so fast. I closed firefox, reopened, not updating… There is a time for which you must wait till the next checking for new update occurs?


(Martin Giger) #4

Iirc Firefox updates extensions once a day. You can manually trigger an update with the “Check for Updates” item in the cog menu in the add-ons manager. The update will be available once the extension has been signed (auto-reviewed).

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(Gabriel Catalin Truta) #5

Oh, nice, i didn’t know. Good info. Thanks! One more thing: What should I do with the old versions of the extension? Can I leave them there or should I delete them from AMO?


(Martin Giger) #6

You can just leave it there. No reason to delete it other than if there’s something in it that you published by accident.

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