Berlin Work Week and CIID Workshop

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Hey folks!

The week of May 14 to May 20, parts of the Open Innovations Team and the Mozilla Support Team have med with a company, CIID that has helped with research about the current SUMO community. From these recommendations and findings, there are some insights that will help influence the community strategy for SUMO going forward.

If you missed the community meeting last week, there is also a short explanation of some of the project plans that came out of this work week. This week we will be taking some time to go through them in more detail. View the community meeting on [AirMo airmo] and streaming on Youtube.

Review them in detail here as well [Project Briefs])
*SUMO Propaganda
*[Switchboard Operator
*Project Alchemist’s Journey
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Where did these project plans come from? And what are they?
During the work week in Berlin, there were two parts to the workshop. The first part included an opportunity to look at 3 communities that were similar to that of the Mozilla Support Community. These communities included, Adruino and Kaggle. Each of which had attributes similar to SUMO and had some that could team SUMO a trick or two. The case studies were focused on “contributor experience, supporting systems, incentive structures, adjacent community involvement, and channels for communication.”

Some of the observations, research and findings can be reviewed and viewed in the presentation: Mozilla SuMo Case Study

The second part of the workshop presented community metrics, and some design thinking around applying some of the recommendations from CIID. After a few hours of 10 people drawing and around slide 69, out came project ideas around the overall Support Community Strategy. Do you see any familiar faces?

What else would you like to know? See any projects that are exciting or interesting? Please post what you think below.

As the team starts to talk about the next steps for these projects around community strategy, a continued dialogue with the community is very important. I want to hear from you!

See you online :slight_smile:

SUMO Moves Closer to Open Innovation
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I fixed some of the links, because I shared a doc that is not quite ready. We are going to polish it up a bit more for you. You can see the project info in the slides this week though in the link “Mozilla SuMo Case Study”.