SUMO Moves Closer to Open Innovation

Dear SUMO Community,

We have some exciting news to share! As you may have read before SUMO and Mozilla’s Open Innovation Team have been collaborating for the last 9 months and have identified some exciting opportunities for the future of SUMO. To foster and deepen this collaboration Mozilla has decided that for at least the next twelve months, the SUMO team will move into the OI team. There we can focus on executing against our strategic roadmap while leveraging the OI teams’ engineering and research resources as well as experience in designing new contribution experiences and supporting communities.

There are no changes to the SUMO team structure and your contact points and workflows will remain the same.

A holistic approach to customer care is a key element of Mozilla’s multi product strategy going forward and SUMO is a critical aspect of this. Together with you all we will continue to focus on delivering the same excellent standard, focusing on existing and new product releases. With the help of OI, we will work to improve user experiences by experimenting with new methods of support, such as the recent experiment with SUMO playstore sprint, customized support for new products, delivering insights to products, and improving our community experiences and foundation.

We will keep you informed about planning for 2019 and next steps but if you have any questions in the meantime, please reach out to anyone on the team or post them in this thread.

Michał on behalf of the SUMO team