I’m a Firefox user and I’ve been having a big problem every time I go on the Internet for a few days now:

Your Development Tool (in Tool/Browser Tool) opens at the bottom of the page and prevents me from typing properly. No matter how hard I try to close it as soon as I start writing (here on Deepl to translate), it keeps opening and opening windows, and I can’t get out of it.

Can you help me urgently, as I’m going to have to abandon it in these conditions.

Thanks a lot! :grinning:

Hello Betty,

Can you check if the opening of the DevTools happen when you hit a specific key?
I’m wondering if your keyboard might have an issue with its Ctrl/Cmd key which would trigger one of the keyboard shortcut we offer to open devtools (see

if you manage to identify the key that triggers the opening, could you open and type the key, and send a screenshot of the page please?