Bonfire (fireworks) on november 5th late afternoon in London

On november 5th, there will be fireworks in London. As many mozillians should arrive on this day for mozfest, we proposed to go together to one of those event.
We chose Southwark fireworks night. Because it is free, not far from the hotel and on the 5th (some other fireworks happen on different nights).

  • What is it? It’s a celebration night followed by a firework.
  • Where: Southwark Park (Southwark, London SE16 2PA). Canada water or Bermondsey
  • When: november 5th. entry in the park is allowed from 5pm to 6:30pm. Event is until 8:30pm
  • Price: it’s free. But you can buy food there, so bring some money anyway.
  • Booking the tickets: it is absolutely mandatory even though the event is free. Book your tickets early. Remember it’s free, so if you’re not sure, book one. Print them at home.

Mozillian logistics (to be updated)

  • Leave together from the hotel (no way we can find each other in a 33 000 people assembly).
  • Leave the hotel early, so we don’t have to run and are sure to enter the park (time will be published later)
  • Stay together or at least in small groups
  • Phones are charged and a local SIM card would be a great bonus (telegram group, mails)
  • Camera: of course
  • a backpack rather than a purse (or a wallet inside your coat). Beware of pickpockets!
  • Warm clothes (very important part). It will be (probably) a chilly and (maybe) rainy november night and we won’t move a lot during a few hours, hence we will get cold. Basically hiking gear is great.
  • a warm waterproof coat with a hood (forget the umbrella) or a hat
  • warm socks in warm and comfortable shoes
  • gloves
  • a scarf

We will update this topic when the event gets closer

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We can use telegram to co-ordinate atleast. And very useful info

Hello people!
Mozfest is coming… So are the bonfire

The weather seems to be nice on thursday night. Dress to according what 15°C feels for you. It should not rain apparently.

I created an etherpad so that we can get names and number of people who want to join. /!\ Tickets are sold out…

Also we could head to a restaurant later this evening. No idea which, you can propose whatever you want .