Bookmark Favicon/icon Options

(BevHoward) #1

For over a decade I have been using icons to make the bookmark toolbar both compact and easier to id bookmarks, originally when it was possible to manually add an icon, and then, when that option was removed by mozilla, using the Favicons addon, and now, that has been taken away as well.

Am I missing something that the danger level is too high to allow mere users to specify an icon associated with a bookmark?

imho, this should be in the bookmark properties where a url or a local file location can be used to specify an icon file!

That said, I have finally been able to at least partially address the need to add icons for local bookmarks by adding the line;

What I still cannot do, is create icons for bookmarked actions such as “mailto:” and javascript bookmarklets since they have to be auto executed if I write html code to contain the favicon info.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,
Beverly Howard