Bookmark Icons

(BevHoward) #1

For years I have been using icons on the bookmarks toolbar to preserve space, and, several years ago started using favicon to cover sites that do not have icons.

FF57 killed Favicon, so, does anyone know how to meet this need. Years ago, I found a way to manually point to a local icon, but I can’t remember the procedure… I may have switched to Favicon because my earlier fix stopped working… crs syndrome.

Beverly Howard

(Tristanschaaf) #2

Bit late but I’ve made a userChrome.css file which simulates the functionality of Roomy, only don’t have the multiple rows working. There are some that do have that though.

(BevHoward) #3


However, it’s going to take this dummy some time to study and understand what you have done.

Thanks again,
Beverly Howard

(Caitlin Neiman) #4

@bevhoward, just a quick word of caution – userChrome.css is very fragile and can cause other things in Firefox to break that are very hard to diagnose.

I completely understand the need to replace Roomy Bookmarks and I am hoping that we will see a replacement for Roomy soon so you can install it safely. :slight_smile: (Are there any developers out there who might be interested re-implementing it for WebExtensions APIs?)