Bring inspector window to front when Firefox gets focus

Sorry if this has been already asked and answered but I can’t find it : is there a way to force the inspector to get back to front whenever Firefox window gets focus, when inspector window is separated ? Currently, I have to click separately on each window to display them, and it’s not very convenient

Thanks !

Hi @0x6e69636f !

I don’t think there is a way to do that automatically.

One trick that can be helpful to know: if you press a DevTools toggle keyboard shortcut (eg F12) on a tab which is linked to a “separated” DevTools window, it will automatically bring the DevTools window to the front.

We have some long standing bugs/feature requests related to separated window mode, such as But I don’t think we have anything that really captures your suggestion. We should file a new one.

Ah thanks, F12 is already a good trick, thanks !