Keep the same Dev Tools window to inspect different tabs or windows (don't open multiple Dev Tools windows)

When you have multiple tabs /windows to inspect and compare,
It should be better to stay in the same Dev Tools window,
without the need to open another instance of it.
It was as our defunct and beloved Firebug worked:
keep the focus for each pages it inspect,

Can you add the function ?
Or if i missing something, say to me where it is possible to enable it.

I am lost with all these Dev Tools open and it’s nearly impossible to me to know which right one is for a particular tab / window…
And i have 2 monitors.

That’s an old problem and i find it is always important to solve / improve it.

Without that, i don’t understand how the others deal with these multiple Dev Tools open…
If you can explain to me, i should be great.
The only trick i find around it, is here:
Bring inspector window to front when Firefox gets focus

One trick that can be helpful to know: if you press a DevTools toggle keyboard shortcut (eg F12) on a tab which is linked to a “separated” DevTools window, it will automatically bring the DevTools window to the front.