Bring inspector window to front when Firefox gets focus

Sorry if this has been already asked and answered but I can’t find it : is there a way to force the inspector to get back to front whenever Firefox window gets focus, when inspector window is separated ? Currently, I have to click separately on each window to display them, and it’s not very convenient

Thanks !

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Hi @0x6e69636f !

I don’t think there is a way to do that automatically.

One trick that can be helpful to know: if you press a DevTools toggle keyboard shortcut (eg F12) on a tab which is linked to a “separated” DevTools window, it will automatically bring the DevTools window to the front.

We have some long standing bugs/feature requests related to separated window mode, such as But I don’t think we have anything that really captures your suggestion. We should file a new one.

Ah thanks, F12 is already a good trick, thanks !

It’s a long and irritating thing i wanted find a solution to use Quantum when i edit CSS on multiple tabs for comparisons.
If F12 is a good tip, it is not very cool because after that you have to deal with many devtool windows which open independently.
And yes, it should be better to stay in the same devtool window (keep an eye on our defunct and beloved Firebug, which keep the focus for each pages you inspect, without the need to open another instance of it).

If you are on a Mac, this utility will save the day for you on this issue:

Oh nice, thanks, I’ll check it out !

I post another request about this irritating problem (maybe there is a solution now…):
Keep the same Dev Tools window to inspect different tabs or windows (don’t open multiple Dev Tools windows)