Browser Compatibility Data Deployment

(Jmedley) #1

I could have sword I bumped into a page recently that showed the last time the compat data was deployed to MDN. Assuming I didn’t dream it, does anybody know where that is?

(Florian Scholz) #2

I don’t think there is such a page. Usually compat data gets deployed to MDN a few hours after there has been a package release.

Package releases can be observed on Github or on npm

(Jmedley) #3

Releases! That must be what I was thinking of.


(Jmedley) #4

I have a follow-up question. How often is SpecData.json deployed and is there way to track it? Even a proxy method (like with BCD) is useful.

(Jwhitlock) #5

SpecData.json is part of KumaScript, and you can see which commit is deployed at What’s Deployed, linked from