Browser Toolbox' Style Editor randomly changes text while typing

Browser Toolbox’ Style Editor will frequently randomly delete the characters I have just typed while I’m still typing, and the cursor will move. (I was editing userChrome.css.)

Ctrl-Z, or Undo from the context menu, will move the page to the top.

It happens starting from the (current) version 82.0 of Firefox (stable release). It didn’t happen in the previous version. It also happened in the Developer Edition of Firefox.

Is it a bug, or can this be prevented?

Hello, I have the same problem and it is very annoying, because I use this Style Editor daily and it makes me crazy. I’m thinking about downgrading or moving to Chrome until it is fixed. I cannot work with this version of Firefox. I spent much more time developing new codes than ever before.

I am also having this problem. I can temporarily fix by closing the style editor, reloading the page I’m on and reopening the tools but the problem inevitably returns. I’m on macos catalina 10.15.7 and firefox v 82.0.3. (as I looked up the version I see an update to v83. I’ll apply and see if that does anything.

i can confirm that this continues to happen in the latest version of firefox v83.0 (64bit) for mac.

Having same issue on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and Firefox 83.0 (64bits).

Hello folks,

I tried to reproduce this issue without any luck so far :confused:
Is there any specific steps that lead to this behaviour?

For me is just open the style editor, work on it and in between refresh the page with the inspector always opened. Do it a couple of times and the problem starts (Removes what you are typing).

Still no luck.
Is this happening on every website (even something like data:text/html,<meta charset=utf8><style>h1 { color: blue; }</style><h1>Hello</h1>) ?
Can you reproduce it on Firefox Beta and/or Firefox Nightly as well?

Thanks a lot for your answers

I think had this issue the other day in the Browser Toolbox (experimenting with editing a file imported into a userChrome.css file). It seemed there was a problem with the autocomplete feature where I would type/paste something, see the list flash up and ignore it, but after a beat my text would be erased or replaced. When autocomplete didn’t come into play, nothing abnormal happened. I haven’t figured out whether there is a pattern to it; I’ve probably only seen it three times this year.

Tested in Firefox Nightly 85.0a1 (2020-11-24) (64-bit). Same exact issue.