Bug latest iOS

Using the latest version of iOS. My passwords sync (I can see them in the app), however when browsing in safari and I select ‘for this website - lockwise’ for password auto fill, it simply doesn’t fill in the fields. They remain blank. Tried many websites, reconnecting and restarting the app. No luck.

Hi natalie123123 thanks for your report. That’s frustrating, I’m sure.

Can you please try:

  • opening the Settings app
  • browsing to the “Logins & Passwords” section
  • then opening the “AutoFill” settings
  • and finally: disable and then re-enable AutoFill with Lockwise

Then return to Safari and see if those form fields fill in for you.

If not, and you’re comfortable doing so, can you please share some of the websites you’re trying this on so we can try it out ourselves?

Thank you for response. I tried your suggestion. Unfortunately it didn’t help. It doesn’t work on any website. An example is when I try to log into my google account. It only stopped working I believe when the app upgraded from lockbox to lockwise.

This issue persists. Any suggestions?