Bulk submission for Abkhazian

Hello @heyhillary @phire,

I have submitted a PR for bulk submission for Abkhazian.
We need to know when the sentences will be available on Common Voice, in order to manage our contribution campaign.

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Hey Nart,

I will confirm later day what date is the next release.

Thanks so much for creating the layout on the link to help us see which ones a CC0 and their associated certification. Is it possible if you could clarify what this books first page means, please ? As I noticed with other books there is a cc0 label but with this one there is not.

The first 5000 sentences in Common Voice were from the first book.
I had a discussion with Ruben Martin on how about to make the book in public domain, there wasn’t a mechanism at the time, and I did what is possible, more details in the linked post.

The first book is not included with this bulk submission, it is already in Common Voice.

Hey Daniel,

Thanks for the clarification. So the next release is on this Wednesday. I will have to check in with legal on that text that you used to waiver CC0, as this was before the process began but most of the PR sounds good.

Sure, if the CC0 label is needed, I’ll talk to the author of the first book.

To be clear, the first book is not part of the bulk submission.

Hey Nart,

Thanks for the clarification and offering to speak to the author. On the PR the link highlights all the books, could you change this please or indicate which books are part of the PR.

Legal reviewed the text and it’s not compliant with a cc0 waiver.
So please if you can reach out the tp the author it would be great.

I changed the list to include only the books in this PR

Okay, I will.

Hello @heyhillary

I hope this message finds you well.

I have submitted the second batch for Abkhazian, here is a link to the 2nd bulk submission.

Hello @heyhillary @zaccolley
I have submitted a bulk of sentences for Abkhazian, it’s the same text source of the previous submittion. I did minimal cleanup for the previous submitted sentences and added 113k new sentences.
Here is a link: 2nd bulk submission - updated

@heyhillary @zaccolley
Hello Hillary,
I circled back with Zac via email, and based on that I closed this PR, and opened a new PR

Hello @Francis_Tyers @zaccolley
I have submitted a bulk of sentences for Abkhazian, the 3rd batch consists of 664k new sentences.
Here is a link: 3rd bulk submission