Calling for Android users - Help test the new Firefox Focus / Firefox Klar

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As some of you may remember, in the build-up to the launch of Firefox Quantum, many of us moved to use the Nightly builds to help test, file bugs and learn about the new, faster Firefox. I am writing to you today to ask for the same pioneering, bug filing, spirit to rise up and help make Firefox Focus and Firefox Klar even more awesome,

Firefox Focus (Firefox Klar in Austria, Germany and Switzerland) is a privacy-focused browser that is an easy to use solution for those quick searches you do on your mobile device. It is also the first Android product from Mozilla to be getting the new GeckoView 22 code - and this is where we need your help.

As with Firefox Quantum, using, testing and filing bugs is crucial if Mozilla is going to deliver a great product that users will love and will help them be safe and secure online. If you wish to help out with this (and you have an Android device running Android 5.0 and above), please have a read of this page and follow the instructions there to be among the first to see the new improved Android versions of Firefox Focus and Firefox Klar: 142

Once you have got a pre-Release build installed on your Android device, be sure to watch out for any bugs. If you spot any, please file them here: 13

(Please read this guide to contributing to the project beforehand: 4)

This is a great opportunity to get involved in testing pre-Release software, to see new features before they are released and to help support a really awesome project.

Thank you.

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Since a few days, we communicated in France on 2 events

and a published article


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I am already using a pre release build as my default browser. Should I find bugs I will file them ASAP. It works quite fine though!