Can I search only for WebExtensions?

I want to put some filter when I search AMO to exclude all legacy extensions. I’m using Nightly and v57 is right around the corner. I want to migrate away from all my legacy addons and such a filter would really help out.

Is this possible?

Thank you!


It’s not possible at the moment. We will be adding a label to highlight WebExtensions on the site soon, but we don’t plan to introduce a search filter for it.

Can you automatically tag them just like JPM got tagged?

Yeah, we’re considering it.


There’s something like a search, but it’s not intuitive if beginning at

Adapted from, as far as I can tell:

  2. disclose the list of categories
  3. select one.


  • everything with that tag in that category.

When it’s not desirable to list everything:

  • is it possible to search?
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Doing so loses context. After each new search is performed with the search field, it’s necessary to reapply a tag.


  2. in the search field, change the phrase from count to sum
  3. Return or Enter


  • sum-related extensions in the Tabs category that are compatible with both Firefox 54 and Firefox 57, excluding extensions that are incompatible with 57

Actual result

  • sum-related extensions in the Tabs category that are compatible with Firefox 54, including extensions that are incompatible with 57.

Can this be fixed, to make searching more intuitive for other end users?

(For myself, I’ll learn to manually edit the URL without relying on the GUI alone.)

I guess, things will become less frustrating when we gain the combination of this –

– plus the work towards removal of legacy add-ons from all featured collections.

In the meantime, there’s this (click to spin):

Thanks, Washing Machine for excellent use of WebExtensions APIs.

Warped sense of humour aside … it will be genuinely lovely to have the majority greyness disappear from collections such as this:

Last but not least, for non-featured collections:

–and popular (129 extensions), which seems to be one hundred percent incompatible with WebExtensions, which is why I maintain a warped sense of humour. Note for reviewer’s diaries: 2018-04-01 – make optimized firefox a featured collection :-)

For reference only

Disable all legacy add-on files · Issue #9472 · mozilla/addons-server was closed (verified fixed in October 2018) and became effective in November 2018.

Flip-sides (seeking legacy add-ons)