Can I waive my copyright?

Can I waive the copyright to my posts in the Discourse?

And where can I find the license for the Discourse?
Is this the same as Websites & Communications Terms of Use?

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This is good question, I also like to release all my post and response content as CC0 (that can be contributed to Common Voice corpus). I think of a signature may be good enough for personal copyright statement.

something like:

This post or response is released under CC0 license.

And such signature plugin may work?

Hi Irvin.
I'm glad someone is interested in this.

I didn't understand about the signature plug-in, but what about putting a signature in the name field of the discourse?
And, if users are using the name field, would it be faster to ...... "sign" after all?
It's depressing to sign it every time, but it's nice to be able to link to it. For example,

Better to see it's public domain at a glance!

And I am posting texts that have been translated by a free translation service. So who owns that copyright? I thought. I'm in the process of contacting the service.