Can no more force extensions on users using directory distribution/extensions

Hi. I’m complety new to this forum. If this post should be posted in another category, please advise.

At work, I’ve been deploying add-blocker extension by simply copying the extension in C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\distribution\extensions, as stated on this mozilla support article.

The trouble is that for security reasons, recent version of FF now asks user consent. Most users will just ignore this. As a result, the extension is added but not activated. So, no add-blocker extension is enabled by default. :frowning:

What Is the new way to do this ?

This mecanisim is was perfect for me. simple to use, and unsatisfied users could remove or deactivate the extension. (most simply wouldn’t even notice)

No answer… I may have posted this in the wrong part of the forum. If so, can someone direct me to the correct place ?