Can not log in at common voice

Hi, I can’t login into Mozilla common voice. I received email from Mozilla SSO, then clicked sign in button. it shows login-success url, but doesn’t logged me in. Please see the pictures.

I have tried this using Mozilla firefox, Google chrome and Vivaldi browsers.

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mee too for several hours now


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Same problem here ! For several hours too

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@hellosct1 may be it is a technical problem! I hope it will be fixed soon. :thinking:

@mement260 yeah. still facing this problem :disappointed_relieved:

Hi all,

Sorry for the inconvenience, I’ve passed the notice to our devs. They should see this in a few hours (due timezone).



Oh great! Thanks @nukeador :smiley:

hi all

It’s been fine since this morning.
we can log in and contribute

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Sorry, this was fixed yesterday night and I forgot to reply back here :slight_smile:

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Yeah! it is good now. Thanks :smiley:

Thank you @nukeador :smiley:

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