Login problem with Common Voice


Problem with logging in with mozzilla for common voice (welsh language) today being repeatedly requested for email to log in -driving me nuts?

Hope u can help?


Hope u can help?

How often does this happen? Is it while you’re using the site, or after you close your browser and come back?

You’ll also be able to log into your common voice account if you login with a (Firefox/Google/Github) account which has the same primary email address as the one you’ve been using, this way you won’t have to wait for an email to arrive to log in.

HI Leo

ThanksI for response , i usually experience this when I log on ,


Ar Llun, 20 Ion 2020 am 10:16 Leo McArdle via Mozilla Discourse notifications@discourse.mozilla.org ysgrifennodd:

If you login with a Firefox/Google/Github account, then your browser should remember that you’ve already logged in with one of those before, and you shouldn’t need to enter your email address again.

ok thanks Leo will give it a try

Ar Llun, 20 Ion 2020 am 11:39 Leo McArdle via Mozilla Discourse notifications@discourse.mozilla.org ysgrifennodd:

My Firefox clears cookies on quit. I have logged in many times before today. Now I can get into discourse.moz… (obviously) from scratch, but cannot get into voice.moz…

I like workarounds, but I don’t have a Firefox or Google account, and don’t want to link my github accounts.

Clicking the button from the email or copy-pasting the full url both just bring me back to “Log in with email”.

EDIT: you know what they say, “twelfth time’s the charm.” I’m in. Didn’t do anything differently.

yeah, it sucks; the web page doesn’t even render in Firefox 74 (on Debian); i can’t login even here with Firefox - neither Linux nor Windows; had to use Chrome - depressing

Could you try starting Firefox in safe mode to determine if the problem is with Firefox or with an add-on?

When you’re unable to login, what are the symptoms?

Hi Gene,

suddenly it all works whereas before it just wouldn’t;
Common Voice web page didn’t render at all - blank white window;

Discourse web page (DeepSpeech) would present login dialog (auth0) but
entering email address it would report an error (don’t remember the
that was happening in spite of NoScript being disabled and allowing
however cannot reproduce it anymore; haven’t changed anything on my
side, in
fact the browser has been running for days, haven’t restarted it

will try to take a screenshot if it happens next time;


Thanks very much. -Gene