Cannot specify to: address in Email Sender Notification

I’m attempting to set up email notifications in the Rule engine but I’m having some troubles.

When I view my Email Sender thing options, I can generate a new test email by clicking on Send Email and it works as expected.

But when I add an Email Sender Notification in the Rule builder, I only see options for Title, Message and Level, no To. The Rule works, but it just sends the email to the address that the email is configured with (the To and From fields are the same.

Is this by design? Am I missing something?

Yes, this is by design. Notifier add-ons only ever take those 3 inputs, so we had to use the configured to: address as a workaround. To properly support this, the rules system needs to support actions with inputs as rule effects, which is something I haven’t yet had time to tackle.