Help with basic functions please


I’ve been searching for basic info to help someone (ie - moi) to try and understand how to set up or control Zwave devices with WebThings and so far I’ve found information, but not the basic stuff

For instance, how to connect different sensors to each other, how to send emails, SMS to alert you of a specific condition. Just general basic use of devices.

If anyone could point me in the right direction I’d be very grateful indeed.
Thanks all

Hi @lodgemoorlad1, have you come across the documentation at ? The documentation is currently awaiting an overhaul, but in the meantime is there a specific question the community can help you with?

Hi thanks for your help.
Yes, I’ve seen that and some other documentation which is all useful.

But I have not seen how to connect Zwave devices unless I’ve missed something. For example, say I’d like to turn on a fan if a temperature went above a particular level.
Or I was sent an email if the humidity in a particular place went above a certain threshold at the same time a dehumidifier was turned on.
Just how do you monitor a situation then send messages to someone to act on that and at the same time turning equipment on/off.
Is this done through rules. Sorry I’m new to this and still trying to figure out how “things” work with each other.
If you can suggest further reading, that would be very much appreciated. Thanks again :+1:

@lodgemoorlad1 Yes that’s correct, you’d want to set a rule for all of those use cases. See Create a Rule in the user guide. To send an email as an output you’d need to install the Email Sender add-on.

Hi, thanks for your help and guidance, I’m travelling at the moment and will be home next week, so this is an ideal time to do a bit of studying. Really appreciate it because as a beginner you just need people like you and forum members . Thanks again

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Thanks Ben, much appreciated :+1: