Cannot update a theme

Hello there!
I created a theme with Firefox Colour, and successfully uploaded it. It got approved, but after that I realized that text when writing in the search bar appeared white on a white background… I went back to Firefox Colour, fixed it, re exported the file in .xip format as recommended. I found a button under my theme in the “manage my submissions” section to upload a new version, it gets validated with no error or mistake. But then it notifies me that the version 1.0 already exists!
I tried to change both theme name and file name before uploading it but it still won’t work. What do I do? Is there a way I can upload a new version? If not, how can I remove the theme so that no one uses it? Please help!

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In order to change the version number of your theme you first need to extract all the files and edit the manifest.json file in a text editor like Notepad. You can change the version number to basically anything you want, it just has to be different from 1.0.

Once you are done changing the number, save the file and then put all the files you extracted into a Zip file or XIP file if your computer can do that. Then you can upload it.

If your computer doesn’t have the ability to unzip XIP files, you can either download a program that can extract the files or maybe just export it again as a ZIP file and go from there. I ended up downloading a file with the ability to open XIP files but now I just export them in ZIP format instead.


Again check already updated…

Thank you so so much this is exactly the explanation I was looking for!! Hope you have a nice day!


You’re welcome! I’m glad I could help.