Can't find my addon

(Mah) #1

I was recently upgraded to FF 62.0 and lost my IE View addon. I thought I found a replacement in IE View WE so I downloaded it. My Addon manager shows it’s installed but I can’t locate its icon anywhere; it’s not in the right-click context menu as IE View used to be and I can’t locate it in any tool bar. Where should I look?

(Martin Giger) #2

I assume this is ?

If so, it seems like you may have to enable the context menu items in its options, and probably need to follow the installation instructions for the “host” part.

(Mah) #3

I uninstalled IE View WE and tried Open in IE instead. The instructions regarding the installation of the .bat patch were clearer and the prompt appeared in the right-click context menu immediately.

Thanks for your reply!