Can't login.

Dear sir/mam,
I can’t login in my mozillian account.

Please help…

Thanking you,

Sumed mistry.

What is the error you are getting. Please share screenshot if any.

This is the error is am getting when I am logging in.

hey ,
You are getting said error because you have added Firefox accounts to you mozillians phonebook Profile .
Once you add Firefox accounts to the profile you wont be able to login to any Mozilla IAM enabled websites using GitHub or google accounts since IAM only allow you to login using the most secure login method available to you that is firefox accounts.
You can read more about this in Announcing Firefox Accounts in Mozilla IAM .

Hope This helps @Sumed_Mistry

Hi @sumed_mistry,

we finally deployed Deratcheting and you are now able to login using Github.

Best regards,