Can't see some globals in console

In the devtools console, what should be global variables don’t seem to be …

After this code runs, the only variable I can see in the console is ‘PingPongs’ (Wish we had a preview button :slight_smile:
var EVT, typ=’’, PingPongs=0, vbl=’’, data, q;
onmessage = function(event) {

if(‘ping’ ==, 4).toLowerCase()) {
opener.postMessage('Pong | '+ name, ‘*’)
PingPong.innerText = 'pp: '+ nf(++PingPongs, 0)

EVT = event
debug(‘EVT=’, EVT)
debug('Msg: ', );
typ =[0].trim().toLowerCase()
vbl =[1].trim()
data =[2]

debug(‘tvd=’, typ, vbl, ww(data), data.length)
if(‘num’ == typ.substr(0,3))
q = eval(vbl +’ = data’)
else if(‘str’ == typ.substr(0,3))
q = eval(vbl +’ = data’)

debug(‘wws q =’, ww(q), q.length, vbl, ‘=?’, ww(eval(vbl)), eval(vbl).length)
debug(‘x =’, ww(x), x.length, x)
debug(‘y =’, ww(y), y.length, y)

The log msgs show that the other vars (or ones that have the same names?) work exactly as expected. But in the console they have the declared values, not updated in the function.

This wasn’t the case a couple of days ago. What did I screw up?

Thanks, Doug

i’m not sure what is the issue here, do you mean that the value are not updated in the DOM panel? Or are you talking about something else? If so, please provide detailed steps so we can reproduce it.
It would also be nice if you can link a test page we can test your steps on