Navigate to function from console

(Roan Kattouw) #1

In the Chrome dev tools, I often use the following workflow:

  • Open console
  • Access a function from its global symbol (e.g. $.fn.offset or myObj.getFoo)
  • Console displays the first ~50 chars of the function body
  • Click that
  • I am now in the “Sources” (debugger) view, at that function

This is very useful when I’m trying to find a particular function that I know the global symbol of but that I don’t know how to find (is it .prototype.offset =, or offset:? or maybe it’s dynamic? what if there are multiple functions called offset?), or if I’m debugging and have an object and wonder “what code executes if I call myObj.blahFunc()?”.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work in Firefox. I can type the name of a function in the console, and it’ll display as a Function object, but I haven’t found a way to get from there to the code of the function in the debugger view.

(Nicolas Chevobbe) #2

Hello @catrope !
The link to the debugger is tracked in This should be doable with little plumbing work