Can't seem to display a column with actual email address

Thanks for software I have used faithfully for years!

For a month or so I have been receiving spoofed emails which appear as valid corporate pages. However, if I display the email and look carefully at the “From” - I see a nonsense email address - completely unrelated to the corporate content displayed. (I am sure if I clicked on a link in the email, I would install a virus or other malware.) For awhile, the nonsense addresses were from “.nl” domain suffx but they have lately moved on to others.

My complaint is that column “Correspondent” and “From” seem to always have identical info. The fact that the actual address is “spoofed” is unflagged. There is NO COLUMN that displays the actual email address of the sender.

Why doesn’t “From” show the actual email address? For protection from malware, this is critical.

Can’t you flag “as junk” emails where “from” does not match “correspondent”?


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Dennis Kelly


Thanks ! Add-on works great.

  I seriously think it should be part of the official Thunderbird