Who sent me this email ? How to see in the list view, before opening a spam mail?

I am using Netscape, firefox, thunderbird for over 25 years !

Issue: I get a lot of spam and the current versions of thunderbird do NOT show the “Sender email” in the msg LIST PANE.
It shows only the “FROM” or “Correspondent”.
As a result, a spam mail from, (for example) spammer@spammerxxx.com can appear to have come from a branded domain, like Amazon.com or citibank.

Sure I can see the sender email-id when I open the mail. But I will not have to open and view the mail if I already know it came from a regular spammer.

Suggestion: Please add option to show “sender email address” in the columns check-box list.

That option is available with an add-on: Show Address Only