Can't set Google UK to default

I have recently come back to try FF again, but I now remember why I stopped using it last time.

The following extension is missing:

Which means that there is currently NO WAY for me to set my search default to Google UK.

When I search in the omnibox, it always directs me to

I’ve got UK set as my language and location for the OS and FF.

Any idea?

I guess a lot of older style OpenSearch plugins (.xml format) were not migrated to the new style (.xpi format).

You can find .xml OpenSearch plugins for various Google sites here:

Meanwhile, I created a new extension (still under review) which uses the URLs from the old OpenSearch plugin. It should eventually be available here:

Note that I didn’t put the “G” icon in there at this point. Hope to add that later.

Update: a G .uk icon has been added.

Hi. There is an alternative. Create a new bookmark with the following data:

Keyword: uk

Next, whenever you want to search with Google UK just type “uk” in the omnibox and the search query.

The keyword property of a bookmark acts as an alias for the complete url. And the parameter %s will grab any text you enter after the keyword. You can assign a keyword to any search field by right click > Add keyword to this search. And you’ll find a new bookmark with the search details.

Screenshot from 2020-04-10 01-59-30