Cant view response with content-encoding: zstd

Network panel in Developer console does not decode zstd-encoded responses. For example, I debug Instagram website. There are a lot of request to graphql. Responses are content-type: text/javascript; charset=utf-8 with content-encoding: zstd.

And now I can’t view response body because it is not decoded.

2024-06-11 23.50.16 screenshot

Earlier instagram used br and even gzip encdoding and everything was readable as json object.

To test it, open and check POST requests to

Mozilla Firefox 126.0.1 (64-bit) / from Linux Mint main repo

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Temporary solution: disable support of zstd-encoding(remove zstd):
about:config -> = gzip, deflate, br.
Also you can downgrade from 126 version.

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This is fixed in 127.0


I’ve updated Firefox to 127.0.2 (64-bit) and bug changed.
Now I can’t see anything about response, even its size and headers. But if remove zstd from, everything became visible.

Curious, on instagram, I do see the sizes, and the headers, even in Firefox 127

Are you doing something specific to get to this point?
Also, it’s not obvious from the screenshot, but some POST request do seem to have the information, the one that are missing information don’t seem to be finished yet (e.g. they don’t have the 200 status for example)?
Are you having connectivity issues, or maybe Instagram server was not functioning well?
Are you always seeing those missing information/unfinished requests or is it random? Do those requests have things in comon?