Censorship against AMO

How much blocked is AMO in censored countries? Is there any definitive data available?
AMO server admins may have geoip statistics, I think.

AFAIK there isn’t any AMO censorship although some locations may block certain addons or addons containing certain words (word filtering e.g. proxy etc).

The only country where I’m aware AMO isn’t easily accessible is Cuba. The Cuban Mozilla community keeps mirrored content for most Mozilla content, including Firefox downloads and add-ons.

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I suppose there’s also blocked access in North Korea, but that’s not based on any data, just reality :expressionless:

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I’m in UK, but I’ve had comments on extensions censored - twice - by some pr#t at Mozilla, possibly because I took a robust (thought polite) view of current Moz development priorities and the security holes they have from time to time been quite happy to include, and hide from ordinary users, whilst concentrating on superficial irrelevancies.

I am fine with that if it is the law of the land. Mind you, many “Western” countries do have – or for a long time had – abhorrent laws! No point being a bigot about it.

Especially when AMO content is also censored by moz://a itself – or should I say “curated” since its’ headquarter is not located in the DPRK. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: