Changing addon from desktop to desktop and mobile

I’ve got an addon that I published as desktop only but I’ve now upgraded it to run on mobile as well. How can I change the platforms or do I need to submit a new addon to replace it?

Hi @tensmoor! If you’ve made any changes to the code, you’ll want to submit a new version. Near the beginning of the submission flow, you should see this screen:

Check the “Firefox for Android” box to mark it as compatible. You might also want to update the categories for your extension from the “Update Your Product Page” screen to include appropriate Android categories.

Let us know how it goes!

Thanks @caitmuenster,
I found it when I went to upload a bug fix. I would have updated this but I have a heck of a hard time navigating this site - my old brain just seems to struggle trying to get a grip on the layout of it.

Got it running on both the desktop and android versions of Firefox and it seems to be working fine on both. I can’t believe that I missed the checkbox before though :blush:


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