"Does not work in Android"


I’ve discovered that when I upload/update an add-on and select only Windows, Linux and Mac, that Android seem to thrown into the bunch anyways:

  • We are still forced to select categories for Android
  • When updating (new version) the settings defaults back to “all platforms” and has to be reselected
  • We risk getting reviews like this:

Review snapshot
(“doesn’t work in Android”)

This is frustrating both for the user and developer. Is there something other than reply to the “review” that we can do on our side?

I would also suggest/propose that we can get a sort of “mini-forum” / separate comment system on the add-on listing page to discuss problems as users seem to not care about reviews being reviews when they are frustrated, and get them to use a provided support email seem to be hard. This is also frustrating, for all parties.

(Jorge) #2

In the developer hub, in the details page for the version you uploaded, you can change the compatibility information for that version, and remove Android.


Yes I did, and that works, but is perhaps more a workaround than a solution (assuming the initial choices when uploading are related/guides the supported choices later on) ? No biggie though when one is aware of it, just wanted to let you guys know.