Changing "Mozilla Developer Network" component to "" in Bugzilla

(Jwhitlock) #1

TL;DR - Around February 20, links to the Bugzilla component “Mozilla Developer Network” will break, when the name changes to “”.

On MDN Web Docs, we use Bugzilla to track bugs, feature suggestions, code changes, and user requests. The component in Bugzilla is Mozilla Developer Network. There’s a few problems with this component name:

  1. It doesn’t reflect our new branding of MDN Web Docs.
  2. Many people think “This is the way to contact Mozilla Developers”, and file bugs for Firefox issues. We handle this by reassigning bugs, but it adds 24-48 hours before a bug is seen by the right people.
  3. Many people file bugs about MDN content issues here. We move those to the Developer Documentation component.

We’re planning on changing the Bugzilla component from “Mozilla Developer Network” to “”. We think this will help with the first and second issue, and won’t have an impact on the third. It also is consistent with the other major web properties and

We’ll request this change on Tuesday February 20th, and it will change soon after. This will break any links you have to the Bugzilla component; there’s no automatic redirect. You can’t make this change in advance either; the new component won’t work until the old component stops working.

We’ve identified places that link to the Mozilla Developer Network component, which the MDN team will fix when the change goes into effect.

Update 1: Fixed the post title. The new component name will be “”, to match the domain name.

(Jwhitlock) #2

We’ve requested the change, and the awesome Bugzilla admins applied it quickly. We’re now in Bugzilla.

We’re in the process of updating the links we know about. Update your own links, and let us know about ones we missed.