Cloud Speech API with Common Voice

Is there a plan to make a cloud-based speech to be as good as Google’s?

The alternative is to make the trained models available to public.


We have no plans for a cloud-based service at the moment, but we do plan on releasing data and trained models based on Deep Speech at some point very soon.

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After today’s announcement, I suspect you will probably get a flurry of hopeful newbies like me looking for something between Sphinx on the one hand, and cloud services like Amazon Transcribe/Google Speech API on the other.

However, looking at Deep Speech, it became evident VERY quickly that this project is never going to provide something appropriate for a low-end VPS at the level of something like a $5 DigitalOcean droplet?

OR am I wrong on that and the project may lead to something that anyone can pip or apt install one day?

(PS - just contributed 20 phrases via the web… it’s a start!)

we have a pip install now!