Color folder

Buongiorno, cerco una estensione per colorare - con vari colori a scelta - le cartelle della nuova versione di Tb: qualcuno può aiutarmi?
Grazie in anticipo.

In TB 78 you can right click an the folder, choose “Properties” and then you can select any color for the folder icon.

I noticed a post this morning on the French forum
which suggested that this addon might be updated soon

That only changes the stroke colour, not the fill. I don’t think the designers have considered accessibility on this redesign. All the other changes for TB78 make sense to me, but not this one. It’s not the first system to just sacrifice something people depend on on the narrow altar of subjective aesthetics :frowning:

Dear Mozilla, if you’re listening, could you at least make it possible to change the folder fill colour so we can see it at a glance and not have to interpret the symbol outline?


Maybe you should post here: